About us

Ema and Boo is an online baby gift shop based in London, UK. We have great range of handpicked quality and unique baby gift items and gift sets. We have adorable pre-packed gift boxes and a large selection of items that you can use to fill your own gift box or a gift bag perfect for welcoming a new baby into the world.

Ema and Boo stock a high quality baby clothes from brands like Pigeon Organics, Kite, Powell Craft, toys from Teddykompaniet, Happy Horse, Best Years, Lamaze and accessories from Minene and many other brands and items starting from as little as just £2. We have handmade cute cupcakes made of baby clothes, baby socks lollipops the perfect gift for baby showers and new arrivals.

Our sole purpose is to make online baby gift shopping fun and enjoyable, providing an easy and stress free online shopping experience.